• Overview

    Process-reliable direct fastening into: 
    - ultra-high strength steels 
    - cast iron 

    Completely insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement - even with galvanic coatings 
    Removable joint 

Thread forming solution for (ultra) high strength materials

EJOT MAXXtip® combines a carbo-austempered shank with an ultra hard screw tip. This unique combination allows completely new options for direct fastening into (ultra) high strength materials.

Due to the carbo-austempered microstructure (strength similar to 10.9) in the load-bearing area MAXXtip® screws are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, galvanic surfaces can be applied without tempering leading to a thread flank hardness of at least 750 HV* in the forming area. 

*In case of Zn flake surfaces, baking leads to a reduced thread flank hardness in the forming area of at least 600 HV. 

Main application fields of EJOT MAXXtip®

(ultra) high strength steel sheets (at least UTS of 1200 MPa) using the thread types 
- SHEETtracs® up to 2 mm 
- Spiralform® analogous to DIN 7500 
cast iron (GJS und GJL) using the Spiralform® thread type