EJOT Comfort parts


  • Overview

    Precision parts for the steering column adjustment:

    • Noise and vibration reduction
    • Customized solutions
    • Material  recommendation
    • Optimization of the part geometry

Comfort Parts

EJOT comfort components are used when the highest demands are placed on noise and vibration reduction in the steering column. For these applications, these customized parts must comply with the tightest tolerances.

Digital Development

Digital product development is global at EJOT.
The global locations are networked to optimally handle global projects from development to series production. This is done in close collaboration with the customer and saves both time and costs.


  • 3D CAD article and tool design (VISI-CAD)
  • Injection Molding Simulation (Moldex3D)
  • DoE statistical experiment planning (JMP)
  • Additive Manufacturing (HP Designjet 3D printer)Existing network to university institutes, research institutions and internal engineering service providers
  • In-house FEM calculation (ANSYS)
  • High-performance partners in toolmaking (rapid tooling)
  • Many years of automotive project experience in an international environment